Why the Liberals should not be the ones negotiating with BC’s teachers

Why the Liberals should not be the ones negotiating with BC’s teachers


The character, personality and attitudes of any organization permeates from the top down. The top creates the "organizational culture" and reinforces it by setting an example of how to act and indeed what is acceptable or the norm. This is why the BC Liberals should not be negotiating with any of BC’s public sectors employees. The BC Liberals are the main reason why we have a dismal economy in BC; their ineptitude, arrogance and lack of accountability has to end.

It has been said the teachers feel they are privileged. They are looking for signing bonuses and higher wages, when BC’s public sector is hurting under the yoke of the dismal provincial and world economy. But, look at the example they are getting from their bosses, who have to a large extent crippled our economy by their actions. Even in this economic climate, the teachers see their bosses in government giving themselves large pay raises. We see cronyism (government officials hiring their friends), and also some public employees receiving raises of more than 100%. For instance, deputy ministers now receive an annual salary of over $300,000, up from just over $100,000.00. The Liberals have also created countless useless but well-paying jobs, like the president of B.C. Rail netting a cool half million in salary and expenses, how can the government demand restraint from the teachers "because of the BC’s worsening economy"?

It is evident that our education system needs a lot of improvement, but the Liberals seem to lack the motivation and ability to instigate such an overhaul because they are not trusted by all the stakeholders in education, therefore are not in a position to succeed even if the will was there.

The actions of the government have not only demoralized all of BC, but have made it impossible for them to find any acceptable solution to the teacher’s dispute.

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