Water Quality following Cariboo Mine Ecological Disaster

Water Quality following Cariboo Mine Ecological Disaster


Tailings pond disaster

Quesnel Lake

Here we go again, Christy Clark & the BC Liberals treating people in the Cariboo  region as if they are beneath them.

There were water quality advisories following the recent accident at Polley Lake (news of the event can be found here), these have been lifted and the local residents have been told that the water is once again safe, but the people of the Cariboo region haven't been given access to the water reports? Why not?

The BC Liberals should start treating the Cariboo Area Residents with respect and give them the actual figures from their water reports (before and after) so they can make their own decision. Instead they are adopting the attitude that they (the elected government) are going tell the Cariboo Area Residents, what is safe or not safe, because they are taking the stance that this information is available on a need to know basis. This festers more distrust of a government that is already not trusted by British Columbians. They only won the last election because there wasn't a credible alternative at the time.

Our premier gives the pretense of looking concerned in her speeches, invariably with some people (experts on the taxpayers payroll) by her side, telling Cariboo Residents what is good or not good for them, WITHOUT releasing all the facts. If the water analysis has been done why is kept from the Cariboo residents?

The BC Action Party believes that there should be policy and information transparency for this tragedy, and indeed in all matters that so evidently affect public health and safety. Enabling people to make their own decisions is how a democracy works, and it is the role of the government to empower the people with facts. Our BC Liberal government chooses to mandate and dictate that the water is safe. This is not how democracies work!

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