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Disproportionate infrastructure spending

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Justin McElroy reports that of the $35.3 million allocated for infrastructure upgrades for schools, twice as much was spent on schools in Liberal ridings than schools in NDP ridings. Is this a partisan distribution of funds geared to ensure the Liberal base of voters remains secure, or merely a result of a more Liberal MLA voices demanding a piece of …

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Why the Liberals should not be the ones negotiating with BC’s teachers

The character, personality and attitudes of any organization permeates from the top down. The top creates the “organizational culture” and reinforces it by setting an example of how to act and indeed what is acceptable or the norm. This is why the BC Liberals should not be negotiating with any of BC’s public sectors employees. The BC Liberals are the …

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Water Quality following Cariboo Mine Ecological Disaster

  Here we go again, Christy Clark & the BC Liberals treating people in the Cariboo  region as if they are beneath them. There were water quality advisories following the recent accident at Polley Lake (news of the event can be found here), these have been lifted and the local residents have been told that the water is once again safe, but …

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